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2016 Election Postscript

November 9, 2016


2016 Election Postscript:

As Einstein said, “No Problem Can Be Solved at the Same Level of Consciousness That Created It.” Using darkness to defeat another form of darkness just doesn’t work. All it does is create more darkness. Only the Light can illuminate the Dark. This election has been a painful dramatization of this Universal Law. When one compromises the Truth in order to obtain illusory “pragmatic” personal and societal gains by choosing “the lesser of two evils”, one is left personally compromised and with little else that is sustainable over the long term.

Consciousness – awareness, knowledge, wisdom, truth – requires work and being completely honest with ourselves. In a world where every word of our public leaders are professionally scripted to provide the exact “image” and “‘messaging” that is determined to produce a specific result, only by constantly asking questions ourselves and seeking information from a wide variety of sources outside of the “approved” ones, can we hope to uncover the Truth.

Over the course of this election, many tried to provide to the public, insight into the truth about candidates, parties, and government actions – Wikileaks, Snowden, Government Whistle Blowers, and Alternative Media – in order to counteract the subterfuge being provided by the mainstream press, and the election participants themselves. Unfortunately, most did not care to listen, did not know the information existed, or could not comprehend what was being said. Their personal biases, fears, focus on personal care-abouts, and lack of awareness kept them from seeing things as they truly are. So the cycle begins again. Will we “who should know better” repeat our mistake, double-down and just “fight harder” – clinging strongly to the misguided notion that “out-badding the bad guys” in our tactics is the way to achieve victory next time?

Hopefully not. Perhaps we need a new definition of Victory…Infact, why not listen to the young people who “not knowing the hard realities of life…” bravely chose candidates representing Truth over Darkness in this election cycle – even if it meant ultimately not casting a vote at all and instead making a clear request for new societal systems based on Truth, Respect, and Love for all humanity and the Planet. Our youngest voters are experiencing the Consciousness of Unity, not Separation. They have moved past “pragmatic” approaches and the “turning of a blind eye” to unethical and illegal behavior of our government and corporate leaders on all sides of the political spectrum.They are the one’s who have truly understood Einstein’s message – only the Truth can solve problems and create solutions, everything else is an unsustainable illusion.

~Jay Kshatri

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