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Christmas as Re-Birth of the Truth and Spirit Within

December 25, 2016

During this time of year, I often wonder which of the many meanings that surround Christmas is true. Is it really to celebrate the “virgin birth” of a child that was god’s only son? Given that many scholars have now shown that the virgin birth story and the “only son” myth were found in a number of different cultures prior to the time of Jesus (including the Roman story of Mithras around 1,500 BCE), that would seem not to be the case (how many ‘only-son’s can God have…right?). Could it then be a metaphor of some sort, a symbol of something profound and meaningful that we all share and are called to participate in?

That seems to resonate with me and recently I came across one of the better explanations along those lines from author John Randolph Price writing in his book, Spiritual Philosophy for the New World. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and that the true meaning of Christmas glows ever brightly in your heart throughout the coming year. (comments below in parenthesis are my own):

“To be “four-squared” means that the individual is in balance – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It denotes the whole person functioning in a Fourth Dimensional Consciousness and expressing Truth of Being on the third dimensional plane.

This four-square symbolism can also be viewed  from a cosmic perspective: (1) The Will of God, the Omnipresent Father, (2) the Love of Christ, the Universal Son (the collective consciousness of all humanity which everyone is a part), (3) the Intelligence of Spirit, the Holy Mother – all expressing as One in (4) the Person of Jesus Christ (one of many who attained master-level consciousness and came to demonstrate the path to Spiritual Mastery for all).

Where do you fit in this Holy Square? You are it! You are the Will of God (expressing itself through your unique personality), the Love of Christ (attaining Christ Consciousness is having Unconditional Love and Acceptance for everything and everyone), and the Intelligence of Spirit – and the story of the Divine Being (who came to show that we are all Divine, just like him). Jesus’ birth and life is a detailed map of the Path and a magnified vision of the Divine Strategm carefully planned to reveal to you your supreme value as an individual.

It has been almost 2,000 years since this Cosmic Proof incarnated on Earth as God’s Perfect Example of you, of everyone, but collectively we did not believe God and we certainly did not believe this Divine Reflection of ourselves. Perhaps it was because his teachings were so twisted and distorted, his life so controversial, his truth so outrageous. Or maybe our disbelief is simply a denial and disavowal of ourselves.

Jesus shattered the ring-pass-not of spiritual understanding. He extended the frontier of Knowledge, thus providing us with an opening through which to move out of ignorance, fear, guilt, and self-condemnation. But we retreated deeper into our ‘caves of darkness’. Over the years a few ‘got it’ and they would quietly and carefully leave messages at the door s of the caves for the ones with open minds. One by one they ventured out into the Light.

Slowly the Light spread and new secret societies were formed to explore the mysteries and prove the teachings. And in every case, in every place, Jesus was there…overshadowing the group and radiating his Energy into the consciousness of the searching souls.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the caves the masses continued to huddle, watching the shadows and listening to those seemingly with authority – those who thought they could usurp the power of God. In ignorance they taught ignorance – and Jesus lovingly looked on, knowing that even in the human sense of time the lines of light and darkness would one day converge and the lower world would cease to exist.

Nothing can hold back the Will of God. No one can change the Divine Plan. Jesus came into the world to impress on the collective consciousness that Will of the Reawakening and the Plan of Christing (the path to planetary Ascension). This Cosmic Seed, this Divine Purpose, is part of our very being, and is the way out of the illusion (of separateness and isolation from each other and the Divine Source).

The Message of the Records says, ‘You are the Holy One of God and that all the Father has is yours. You have simply forgotten, and in the forgetting you created a belief in a self that does not exist (Your Ego is not you. Find your Soul and you have found your True Self which is directly connected to the Divine Source and Everyone and Everything in Creation).

I came to show you that you can remember and be born again in Spirit. I came to show you that through the symbolism of baptism you can, with purpose of mind and heart, let go of error by releasing all to the Spirit within. I came to show you the divine possibility of your perfection so that you will therefore be perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect. I came to show you that once you have crossed out, crucified, the lower nature, you will be resurrected as the Divine Being you are. I came to reveal your Divinity by offering myself as an Example. I came to give you proof of your Identity.

What a glorious mission! But what do we do? We, unconsciously perhaps, continue to look at poor Jesus hanging on that old rugged cross as a symbol of suffering that we are supposed to endure while in physical form. How unhinged can we get? Yet we have chosen this idiocy and have interpreted it as a way of life.

Isn’t it time to take Jesus down from the cross? Isn’t it time to look again at The Book of the Way (there were over 25 gospels floating around in the 200 years beyond the life of Jesus. Don’t settle for just the 4 that were hand selected for inclusion it into the Bible by the Roman Emperor Constantine around 325 AD. Would you let a politician determine Spiritual Truth for you? Seek out all of the teachings and determine the Truth for yourself – see resources below) that he left for us and start following his instructions? Isn’t it time for each one of us to claim the seamless robe and accept our inheritance as Beings of Light? So many millions have already done so and are following this love-being, joy-filled, fun-loving, peace-giving, freedom-speaking Elder Brother right into Paradise on Earth.

We are all on that path, too, because everyone who reads these words has already passed through that first gate – the first initiation of becoming consciously aware of the indwelling Christ Presence. But we must not become complacent or we will be pulled right back through the gate into the never-never land of upside downness.

The original esoteric (hidden) meaning of Christmas was to ceremonialize and commemorate the Christ Idea and be born anew in the Spirit of Truth (the truth that there is a Divine Source that creates everything and is flowing through you and everything in existence including all of your fellow humans, nature, and animals. All are interconnected and One. Belief in separation -being different, better, or worse- from others or from our beautiful planet is an illusion and an error of thinking lead by the Ego). 

To the initiates it was a holy ceremony to remember the rebirth with a rededication to the Master Self, the Christ within. Was Jesus left out of the commemoration? Hardly. His birth provided the framework, backdrop, scenario, purpose and meaning of the ceremony – so it was both a celebration and gratitude for the Great Example and Wayshower and an observance of the first door leading to mastery.”

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and much Joy and Abundance in the New Year,

Jay Kshatri

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