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Holistic Health & Wellness through Maximizing Your Energetic Vibration

November 5, 2017

The objective of this article is to show you that the secret to maximizing your health & wellness is to effectively manage your energetic vibration.

In previous articles we’ve spoken of how quantum scientists close to 100 years ago confirmed that we live in a world of pure energetic vibration. The material world as we know it is far from being static, and everything in our world is at different levels of energetic frequency vibration when viewed at the subatomic level. We live in a sea of vibrating energy – our bodies, our material goods, and everything in nature – is naturally interconnected in that energetic ocean. There is no separation between anything and anyone – the separation we “see” and “feel” is an illusion created to allow our spiritual essence experience material reality and the contrasts that arise from different and inviduated material forms. Add the concept of time to the mix, and we are able to experience “changes” in material states over time and to witness the results of our thoughts and actions play materialize on the canvas of space-time.

Einstein was able to capture the relationship of how our energy vibration transforms into matter by his famous equation E=MC^2

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”  – Albert Einstein.

The implications of this formula have yet to be understood by the vast majority of the world population. You might think that’s strange – if this is such an important concept, wouldn’t schools, governments, companies, religious institutions, etc – be bending over backwards to ensure its understanding and use among aspects of society?

The answer to that question is that the some of the people who do understand the profound implication of Einstein’s formula very much don’t want you to share in their knowledge. For if you did, you would quickly come to understand that you are much more powerful than you realize. Moreover, you would come to understand how to view everything in reality through understanding its energetic vibration. You would become an informed consumer of energetic vibration – high and pure would be good, low and distorted would be detrimental to your health and well being and your ability to create and control your physical reality (as Einstein pointed out in his quote above).

Corporations, governments, and unscrupulous individuals who don’t have your best interests at heart would no longer be able to fool you into consuming food, water, media, entertainment, and material goods that appear good, but are at their core delivery mechanisms for harmful and distorted low vibration energy that crashes your personal power and disconnects you from the Source Energetic Field (or as the Indians called it – Prana – and the Chinese – Chi) that creates all and is able to heal and regulate all.

“What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”
– Albert Einstein

If you’ve ever wondered why we collectively fall victim to so many diseases even while billions of dollars are invested every year in the pursuit of cures, then you’ve arrived at the answer. The potential cures do not take into account the energetic vibrational reality of the human physical and mental system and in some cases the treatments actually seriously harm and disrupt those energetic systems. Short term symptom relief may be achieved, but the underlying root cause is never addressed, so the illness returns or further progresses and or a new illness is created through the “treatment”.

The Human Energetic Field

In terms of health and wellness, we must recognize that the human body is just not solely a bio-chemical system. It is more importantly an electro-magnetic energetic frequency system that creates the bio-chemical nature of reality.

If you interfere or distort the human energetic frequencies, you will disturb and disrupt the energy and information regulation of the over 6 trillion cells in the human body and the over 100 million cellular transactions per second that occur.

Cancer as we know, is when a cell has lost “connection” to its regulation mechanism and goes “rogue”. Mainstream medicine however, does not know what the regulation mechanism is  (they don’t think in terms of energetic vibration and the energetic pathways in the body as the Hindus and Chinese discovered 5,000 years ago). So, their only approach is to “kill the rogue cells” and hope the cancer will go away (into “remission”). Of course, since they only treated the symptom and not the root cause of why the cell lost connection with the regulation mechanism, the cancer will come back. And, since in the case of chemotherapy, the approach is to ingest a poison that ends up coming into contact with all cells in the body, you are likely to create new problems and to die of something else other than the original cancer. Chemotherapy in fact only has a 3% cure rate (97% of people who take chemotherapy die within 5 years of treatment). In various surveys, 70% of cancer docs say they would refuse to take chemo themselves or give it to a family member if they got cancer (yet they all provide it to their patients …).

So How Do We Know that the Body is Light / Energy-Driven?

There have been four major areas of clinical and scientific investigation in recent decades that are showing this to be the case:

  • Electric and Acoustic Based Photography of the the Human Aura.
  • Measurement of Biophoton light and information transmission within the body.
  • Measurement of Heart generated Electrical Fields and Information transfer inside and outside the body.
  • Acupuncture point, chakra, and meridian electrical energy and information communication measurements and mapping within the body along with techniques to remove energy field distortions.

The work in these areas shows that:

  • Scientists and technologists in the last 20 years have learned more and more that the human body is being regulated by Light Energy and Information.
  • The 100 Million Cellular actions that happen in our body every second are being coordinated by a field of light energy that contains critical information for the cells to do their work in the various sub-systems of the body.
  • Anything in your environment that interferes with this human energy field, causes sub-optimal to very harmful effects in your physical, emotional, and mental body systems.

What is High and Low Energetic Vibration?

So, if we want to stay healthy, then maximizing our energetic vibration so that it naturally is able to regulate our body, mind, and emotions is necessary. But what is high vibration and what is low and how does it translate into our daily lives? One of the best conceptual ways to understand this is by the work of David Hawkins, MD,PhD who performed muscle kinesiology testing to determine a person’s energetic response to various stimuli.


Hawkins’ basic approach was to have a person hold out one of their arms straight in front of them, and then the tester would apply pressure down on their open palmed hand while simultaneously stating either a positive or negative word or concept. He would then measure the level of muscle resistance. If the person was able to not let the testers hand push down their arm very much, then it was considered that the person had high muscle strength in the presence of whatever stimuli was provided, and vice-versa. In this fashion, Hawkins was able to create the chart above – essentially stating that when words or concepts that represented things like shame, guilt, apathy, and fear were presented by the tester, subjects had a very weak physiological (or mind-body) response. Whereas when concepts such as love, joy, and happiness were presented, they had very strong physiological responses.

Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, The Determinants of Human Behavior is worth reading with an open mind. He attempts to apply the outcomes to a variety of things like being able to determine a person’s state of consciousness which some people don’t find convincing. There are lots of criticisms about the approach and scope, but for our purposes, I think his basic results are useful for providing a simple framework of energetic response in humans to negative and positive stimulus. And, it’s simple for us to gut-check our own experience and understanding against his findings. Meaning, most of us know that the times we are feeling physically strong and healthy correlate with being in a vibrational state of happiness, joy, and love. While when we are fearful or in a hateful state, we find ourselves feeling physically weak and contracted.

If we correlate this back to Einstein’s E=MC^2, then we can state that a higher energetic vibration (E) correlates to a more desirable material reality (M). In other words, by controlling and maximizing our energetic vibration we are directly creating and controlling our material reality. That material reality includes our health, happiness, and material comfort. When we truly grasp this, we realize that we are much more powerful than we realize.

So managing our vibration is the secret. This is essentially what the Law of Attraction is about – you attract (through electro-magnetic principles of thoughts and emotions) into your material world things, situations, people, and health based on the state of your being (your energetic vibration – E – your level of consciousness). But the “Secret” doesn’t really tell you the real secret – that you must become a master of energetic vibration in order to truly manifest powerfully.

A Different Approach to Achieving Wellness – Holistic Maximization of your Personal Energetic Vibration

So before you continue, let’s summarize what we’ve discovered so far about Energetic Vibration (E):

  • ‘E’ is Prana, Chi, Tao, the Divine Source Field, the Quantum Electrodynamic Field, God.
  • It is the Unlimited Creative Source with Infinite Possibilities.
  • It is Perfection, Harmony, and Love. It is all of Nature.
  • You, I and Everything in Reality are Created by It and are Part of It.
  • Therefore You and I are It. We have the Same Power – if we Allow It.
  • If we Block, Filter, or Distort it, then we Negatively affect our Health and Creative power. We Disconnect from the Source.
  • Anything that is Aligned with the Source Field Connects to It (Natural, Alive, the Same As It), anything that is Artificial, Not Living, Toxic, In-Organic – Creates a Weak Connection).
  • Anything that causes “Separation”, Short-Circuits the connection to the Source Field

The Crashing ‘E’

If you look at the Hawkins’ chart and pay attention to how you are feeling throughout the day, you will come to notice that your energetic vibration is under assault all day long. From the moment you get up till you go to sleep – highly focused and negative forces are at work hoping to keep you from raising your energetic vibration and thus harnessing your true infinite inner power. The reason is that if someone can lower your energetic vibration and stop you from connecting to the Divine Source Field, then they can strip you of your power and take advantage of you. Your defenses are literally down – you are left with little E and must do your best combatting against a sea of equally powerless M’s floating around in your orbit. Low energetic vibration promotes separation and if I can separate you from others and the Source Field, I can manipulate and control you (the classic Divide and Conquer approach).

And how do the “bad guys” go about crashing your E? Here are some examples of how they have weaponized everyday things we do or consume into negative energetic vibration delivery vehicles :

  • Negative news – literally 24/7. If you look at the content – it’s all about fear, sadness, helplessness, conflict. All the things rock bottom on the Hawkins chart and highly correlated with very low energetic vibration. In the modern western world, people typically are “consuming this negative vibration” all day long and well into the evening, in fact right up till they go to sleep. The irony of course is that though there are clearly troubling things going on in the world, the vast majority of things are just fine in your local environment. But with just six corporations controlling 90% of the  media landscape of the U.S., they have a vested interest in you being unwell and frightened – they profit from it handsomely. And, if you weren’t unwell or scared, you would think and feel better, and then you would start asking a lot of questions and putting together the pieces of what’s really going on, and … well you get the idea, their game of “control over others”, would be over.
  • Entertainment – the typical television program comedy, drama, action – doesn’t matter – has become utterly frightening over the last 30 years. Compare shows now from the 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s – you will be shocked. Is it just accidental, how society has evolved over time? Is it just capitalist media barons giving the public what it “wants”? Perhaps to some extent – but the same type of excuse is used by drug dealers – just meeting supply and demand. Either way, the effect on lowering our fellow citizen’s consciousness or energetic vibration is devastating . Add violent sports to the mix and it gets even worse.
  • Food and Water – with now over 80,000 chemicals infiltrating the world’s food and water, we are being poisoned in a conventional sense and through massive interference with our body’s energetic vibratory fields. You’ll remember from earlier in the discussion, that anything artificial, un-natural, and in-organic interferes with the Source Field. And if something disrupts the source of your physical and mental functioning, it is hard to stay healthy. Yet the people who we rely on to protect us from these issues (EPA, FDA, CDC, etc) do very little to stop the war against our health.  Pesticides, GMOs, tainted vaccines,  toxic pharmaceuticals, and neurotoxins in our water have all been supported and approved by our government’s regulatory bodies. At the same time,  U.S. health costs are rising from $2 Trillion in 2010 to $4 Trillion in 2020. That would make our health care costs the equivalent of the 5th largest economy in the world. Yet, we don’t address the root cause of ill-health…hmmm…why? – because some people are making a lot of money in the process.
  • Competition and Us vs. Them – our economic systems have been built upon a foundation of competition which naturally creates an us vs. them culture. As an additional by-product, the illusion of scarcity and lack is created. In a zero-sum game, some will win and many will lose. Losing creates fear and therefore crashes your E. For every person working in some type of job in the world, this is a daily occurrence. You’re either worrying about keeping your job because there is no stability in this system, or the natural dynamics of your job put you in an artificial and unhuman state of figuring out ways to out-compete your fellow residents of planet earth. Joy, Love, Peace, and Enlightenment are not part of the competition matrix.

I’ve captured in the chart below how these things play out in an average day of the Western Corporate Warrior (something I was for many years…), but everyone will find many similarities in their day:


The typical day for most people is a yo-yo like experience of rising and crashing energetic vibration. You never rise to or stay at an elevated level of E – a level where you are powerfully in control of creating your material reality.

So what’s the remedy?

I believe we must  take a holistic approach to managing our energetic vibration consumption in all areas of our lives. If we only do some things in a piecemeal way, we’ll remain open to sub-optimal results with serious consequences for our health and wellness. I’ve broken things down into 3 specific categories:

  • Thought, Sound, and Image Energy
  • Physical Energy
  • Electromagnetic Energy

Let’s examine each category separately.

Thought / Sound / Image Energy


In previous posts I have spoken about how powerful our thoughts are. And, in terms of managing our energetic vibration, my experience is that nothing has as a powerful effect as our thinking. Thinking leads to emotions which leads to changes in energetic vibration which leads to manifesting your physical reality. They are the root cause of your creative power. Learn to still your mind, remain in the present moment, and you’ll then be able to more readily create the reality you want. Anything that interferes with you achieving a calm state of mind is a energy vibration dampener.

In our modern, very noisy world, this is especially difficult to avoid. That’s why meditating regularly is essential achieving higher energetic vibratory states. So are things like Yoga – which is meant to precisely to  connect (Yoga = Yoke) mind and body for greater energetic flow within the body.


Sound is of course an energy frequency by definition. So sound can be healing or it can be destructive. The content of a sound – a word perhaps, matters. Yet so much of the communication we consume on a daily basis is negative, judgmental, hostile, and unloving. We hear these low energy words on TV, at our places of work, on the radio, and coming out of our own mouths. The quality of sound – of music in particular – matters as well. In our migration to convenience in the digital culture, we left the higher quality sound we were achieving from “old fashioned” devices such as the turntable and vinyl records and went to highly compressed music from MP3’s and low-bit streaming services. Some studies have shown that our brains can tell when there is something missing from the music and that causes distress. If your brain, the control center and router for distributing information throughout the body is disrupted, your physical and mental health for sure will be affected. And, in many ways our hearing is more sensitive than our vision as we evolved needing our hearing more (to tell when danger was coming around the corner) for survival.


Everything is an energetic frequency in our material world and images are extremely powerful. Our brains in fact store information in our subconscious as images, so an image by-passes any need for translation and goes directly into your mind. This is why violent video games, movies, tv shows, and the daily mainstream news are so detrimental to our health and wellness. Since our minds and bodies just process energy, it doesn’t matter to them if something is “real”, “imagined”, or is some type of media “entertainment”. The only thing the mind and body know is that it is experiencing and consuming some type of energetic vibration. So, if your media diet is full of violence, conflict, hate, and more, your mind and body process it as the equivalent of you experiencing those things in your physical reality. Is it any wonder that the U.S. is headed to $4 Trillion of yearly health care costs?

Physical Energy

Our physical system (our body) is fairly robust and can heal and maintain itself if we don’t disrupt its connection to the cleanest and highest source of energy and information that it needs (E). Most of you reading this, have mastered the basics of good nutrition, exercise, and stress management. But when you become an informed consumer of energetic vibration you will naturally become aware of a broader set of criteria for optimum physical health. Here are a number of key areas to become proficient in:

  • Maximizing Access to Structured, Clean Energetic Vibration in Nature – It is no coincidence that in the first half of the last century, it was common for doctors to prescribe a rest in the “country” for many ailments. Nature – parks, forests, gardens, oceans, lakes, etc., is by definition in Energetic Vibration because plants, trees, flowers, do not distort their connection to the Divine Source Field with free will and human ego-based thoughts. Nature is a Prana or Chi Factory. And as all reality is energetic fields and energy flows and connects seamlessly with other energetic fields, then when you spend time in nature your personal energetic field is being cleansed and upgraded by the much cleaner fields in the park or forest you are walking through. So, normally it is thought people feel better when they are in nature because of the additional oxygen, fresher air, and the visual beauty. All of that is true, but underlying that is the higher energetic vibration of nature which provides the key energy and higher level information your mind-body-spirit complex needs to thrive.
  • Removing Toxic Chemicals from Your Environment – Many of the 80,000 chemicals in our environment can be found in personal care products we use every day. From the cleaning products we use in our homes, to the toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoos we use daily, the chemicals in those products (which are inorganic and un-natural) disrupt the energetic vibration signature which has been created by a much higher intelligence than humans. Our bodies are looking for the “clean” energetic signature to regulate the 100 Billion cellular transactions per second taking place in our bodies. That coordination is fine tuned with a great deal of precision. However, if we throw it off by altering the signal that is emanating from the Source Field, then we disrupt the normal functioning of the complex energy and information systems in the body and ill-health results in mind, body, and spirit. The “bad guys” of course want us to believe that the body can withstand all those chemicals “in certain doses”. If that were true would be be spending $4 Trillion a year in healthcare costs in the U.S. alone with rising cases of depression, alzheimers, autism, cancer, etc?
  • Eating a High Vibration Diet – Just as all of nature is an unadulterated Source Field Vibration in material form, a diet that comes from nature (vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, grains) and which is clean – meaning that it has not been tampered by Genetic Modification (GMO), saturated with pesticides, or mixed with dangerous chemicals and neurotoxins, is likely to be health enhancing and high vibration. This is why eating primarily a non-GMO, organic, plant-based diet is critical to healing the world’s health and environment. Meat, by definition, is dead flesh. It’s clear that dead = low vibration. Moreover, non-organically produced meat is full of harmful chemicals. Add to that the trauma that the animal experienced in the slaughtering process (which is an energetic vibration that stays in the cellular structure of the animal), and you’ve got a perfect vibration lowering food source. This is the reason why many people are now migrating to vegetarian, vegan, and raw food diets.

  • Daily Exercise – the benefits of exercise, especially cardiovascular benefits, is quite well known. It improves heart function, lowers stress, and therefore lowers inflammation in the body. An interesting thing to add to your typical gym workout is yoga of some type. Yoga is actually a philosophy of mind-body-spirit integration and the exercise piece known in the West is just one facet. The exercise movements of Yoga were actually created to enhance the energetic vibration in the body and help energy move more effectively throughout the body’s energetic pathways. The intention was to not only promote good physical health, but to raise one’s Prana / Chi (E) and therefore connect more powerfully to the Divine Source Field.
  • Maximizing Intake of Clean Oxygen – Yogic Breathing – from the book The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath written by William Walker Atkinson in 1903 .”Not only is every part vitalized by the oxygen, but the act of digestion depends materially upon a certain amount of oxygenation of the food, and this can be accomplished only by the oxygen in the blood coming in contact with the food and producing a certain form of combustion. It is therefore necessary that a proper supply of oxygen be taken through the lungs. This accounts for the fact that weak lungs and poor digestion are so often found together. To grasp the full significance of this statement, one must remember that the entire body receives nourishment from the food assimilated, and that imperfect assimilation always means an imperfectly nourished body. Even the lungs themselves depend upon the same source for nourishment, and if through imperfect breathing the assimilation becomes imperfect, and the lungs in turn become weakened, they are rendered still less able to perform their work properly, and so in turn the body becomes further weakened. Every particle of food and drink must be oxygenated before it can yield us the proper nourishment, and before the waste products of the system can be reduced to the proper condition to be eliminated from the system. Lack of sufficient oxygen means imperfect nutrition, imperfect elimination and imperfect health. Verily, “breath is life”.
  • Earthing – Grounding the Body to Earth – The earth’s surface is full of negatively charged electrons. Your body on the other hand, has excess positively charged free radicals. When you touch the earth with your bare skin, you allow the earth to siphon off those positively charged free radicals. Free radicals (the reason why we try to eat foods high in anti-oxidant properties) are what cause inflammation in the body and inflammation is what is now thought to be one of the major culprits behind many diseases including heart disease and cancer. Humans used to be naturally grounded when we used to walk barefoot and sleep on the ground. Now of course, we rarely ever come into direct contact with the earth, except for a week or two a year when we go on vacation and walk on the beach or have a picnic in the park and take off our shoes and walk on the grass. So a simple solution is to just walk barefoot on the earth more often. That of course may not be convenient, so there are grounding pads and sheets that you can buy (a simple wire is run from the pad or sheet to the grounded circuit in any electrical outlet) and you can enjoy the benefits of grounding indoors all year round.
  • Consuming High Quality Water which is free of Neurotoxins – Many of the 80,000 chemicals in our environment are of course have found there way into our water systems. Some are actually substances that we have put there on purpose – such as fluoride, a known neurotoxin. Given that up to 90% of our bodies are composed of water, and that the latest scientific thinking has identified a 4th state of water that acts like a crystalline communication network routing energy and information throughout our 6 Trillion Cellular Network, anything that distrupts that communication link is going to harm our health. Most people know to filter their water. The problem is that most filters such as Britta or the single charcoal based units in most refrigerators do not take out the most damaging toxins. Distilled or Reverse Osmosis systems appear to do the best job, so please investigate those.
  • Avoiding Pharmaceutical Drugs – If you’ve ever looked up the side-effects of any prescription drug, you’ll understand why popping a pill to relieve an ailment is not straightforward. By definition, the pharmaceutical is trying to treat a symptom you’re experiencing, but since most western medicine is not based on understanding the energetic frequency basis of our bodies, the drug while relieving symptoms is also disrupting your natural energetic balance in the body. And, if you follow the approach of most doctors which is to “try” a drug and after a couple of months it doesn’t suit you, try an alternative, you’ve left yourself open to a fairly lengthy time of disruption to your physical systems. That time frame may be enough for other serious issues to develop. For sure, for most severe injuries or problems that require immediate treatment – say you came into the emergency room because of an accident – you need to fast treatment and the appropriate medications necessary for first aid and immediate relief. But for those long-term chronic issues where you may be on medication for many years or the rest of your life, a more thought out approach that addresses the root cause of dis-ease through natural, energy enhancing approaches may prove more health promoting in the long term.
  • Having Loving Relationships – From the Dawkins chart we know that Love is one of the highest energetic frequencies. We don’t need 50 clinical trials to convince us of this – we know from our own experience – Love (unconditional acceptance of other), is the magic force that uplifts, creates, illuminates, and heals. The more of it our lives the better. And, the more we give, the more we receive – like (frequency) attracts like in universal law.



Electromagnetic Energy 

  • Limiting Wifi – if our reality is essentially energetic frequencies, then other (non-natural) energy frequencies that we come into contact with can affect the natural functioning of our body’s various electromagnetic fields. Wifi is clearly a powerful source of interference to the electrical systems in and around the body. Since Wifi is ubiquitous, it is difficult to disconnect from it and still function in a work setting or even at home. However, it is possible to try and limit your exposure. One way is to buy a simple electronic wall outlet timer and set it to shut off our wifi router while you sleep. This way your mind-body complex will get a chance to disconnect from the wifi grid during the critical period where your body is seeking to rest, rejuvenate, and repair itself.
  • Avoiding use of Microwave Ovens – We call microwaving food “nuking” for a reason. Bathing your food (which is already depleted in critical nutrients, in radiation not only destroys the remaining nutrients but also alters the foods “natural energetic makeup” which then interferes with the natural frequencies regulating your body. Here is a good article that goes deeper into the issues surrounding the use of microwave ovens.  Upgrade your toaster oven and spend a little extra time re-heating and cooking the conventional way.
  • Radiation Protective Measures when using Cell Phones – Thankfully the nonsensical denial for close to 3 decades by the cell phone industry that cell phone radiation was not harmful has come to a close. The latest reports and research admit that it is a serious cancer causing issue. Sadly, most people are not using adequate protection and even carry their smartphones in clothing and in close contact to their body throughout the day. The use of anti-radiation phone cases along with wired headsets (bluetooth is just another way to put a radiation device right next to your brain and body’s electrical fields), can significantly enhance your safety.
  • Radiation Protective Measures when using Computers – The radiation coming from the bottom of your lap-top is very significant. An engineering student and his father, who is a proctologist, discovered how serious the issue is and linked it to the increasing number of testicular cancer cases the father was seeing in his practice. They started the company Safe Sleeve to create products to protect you when using your computer on your lap and even on the desk where radiation can be reflected back up from the surface towards you.
  • Limiting use of High EM Energy Health Tests – Ironicall some of the modern medical diagnostic machinery uses very high intensity electromagnetic energy to diagnose potential or existing medical conditions. For example a computerized tomography (CT) scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images, or slices, of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body. This test delivers the equivalent of 1,000 conventional chest x-rays worth of radiation to the patient. For heart-attack patients this a common test they may keep getting throughout the remainder of their lives every 2 years, as a “preventive” measure to identify issues before they become too serious. Unfortunately, the combination of such a high level of radiation also distorts your energetic fields and can end up opening you up to other medical issues. Therefore, low-EM energy alternatives should be explored unless the test is absolutely necessary in an acute or critical emergency situation.

–>Neuroscientist Dr. Olie Johansson exposes dangers of Electromagnetic Fields – VIDEO

Your are More Powerful Than You Realize

By becoming very intentional and mindful of how we raise or lower our energetic vibration through our thoughts, our physical being, and the material influences in our environment, we can take back control of our inherent unlimited power. Since everything in our existence is energetic vibration at the sub-atomic level, then everything is interacting energetically with everything else. This means to achieve the superior health and wellness which is rightfully ours, we must take a holistic approach that seeks to manage our energetic vibration interactions in all aspects of our lives. We must seek to eliminate all un-natural and in-organic substances which interfere with the various electromagnetic fields of the body and limit or distort our access to the Divine Source Field (E). This coupled with gaining mastery of our thoughts and emotions in a way that leads to energy vibration enhancement rather than degradation, and we have a potent formula for superior health and wellness (M). By doing so, we achieve the following benefits:

  • Life Migrates from a Limited Set of Possibilities to an Infinite Set of Possibilities as You Access Cleanly the Power of the Source Field to Co-Create Your Reality.
  • Source Field Alignment Brings Us Into Oneness with All Beings and Nature. Peace and Joy.
  • Source Energy Alignment Optimizes Every Aspect of Our Human Body Function.
  • We Achieve Divine Guidance via our Personal GPS which now strongly connected to the source of all Energy and Information (E). No more Wondering “What-to-Do?”. You seek and are guided to the Truth in all things.
  • Your “What-to-Do” is Aligned with Best Interests of Yourself and Others As All are Connected to the Source.

Essentially, our individual health and wellness leads to the enhanced health and wellness of everyone. I think society would benefit greatly from this type of investment rather than the $4 Trillion going elsewhere. Yes?

~ Jay Kshatri

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