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Imagine If …

June 25, 2017

“Shiva relates to the unitary awareness beyond time and space, the supreme Brahman
or Absolute, a universal consciousness… Shiva is not a creation of the human
mind, rather the human soul is a portion of Shiva’s light cast into
the outer world of time and space. To discover Shiva is
to reclaim our true nature that is all-pervasive and
unbounded, within all and yet ever free.”
American Institute of Vedic Studies

Imagine If:

People approached life everyday, in everything they did, with the objective of being of service to others. They existed in Unity Consciousness, seeing the Oneness with All, and feeling the interconnectedness between all life. What would our world look like? What would it feel like? Take a moment to contemplate it…

We would be giving to others freely, and others would be giving to us. Our sole objective would be to create for the common good. Can you imagine it?

In this amazing world, would it be possible for the following to occur anymore:

  • Could suffering due to lack of basic living essentials exist in such a world? Would anyone be homeless or hungry?
  • Could “profit maximization” exist in such a world? Could pyramid and ponzi schemes exist? Could money exist?
  • Could the earth and its resources be plundered endlessly?
  • Could “engineered diseases” exist in such a world? Could “medicine” be practiced that only treats symptoms instead of holistically curing the root cause of illness? Would illness itself become a very rare occurrence?
  • Could wars exist where “dark entities” and shadow governments fund both sides in on-going effort to maintain fear in the population and manipulate events for their personal gain?
  • Could governance systems exist where “pay to play” was the norm? Would politicians be able to put their interests above all else?
  • Could it be possible for so many things to remain “coin-operated” – where nothing gets done until someone pays someone else? Could the concept of putting a “monetary value” on literally everything remain – would it make any sense at all? Would your “net-worth” be a ridiculous concept – a human defined by a dollar value – like they do to cattle or as they did in the past with slaves?
  • Could the concept of advertising and mind-manipulation be allowed?
  • Could journalists who are not focused on the Truth be allowed to hold their jobs?
  • Could educational systems continue to exist that treat students as generic widgets being trained to work as cogs in an industrial machine that no longer exists? Could schools continue to exist that rob the passion and creativity from young minds and leave their souls bruised and bewildered?
  • Could those people who make life a living hell for their co-workers by using them as soul-less props on their personal chessboards exist? Could the senior leaders in those organizations who are responsible for allowing that to happen exist? Could hierarchical, top-down, command and control structures exist?
  • Could “divide and conquer” strategies employed at every level in society continue to be the norm?
  • Could 8 people own as much wealth as half of the world’s population?
  • Could all ethics remain relative with no moral-compass pointing to true-north?

What would it take for this new world to be birthed?

It already has …

The old world is crumbling in front of our eyes – the ever present cycle of cosmic death and re-birth is in full motion. The foundations of the new world are already being erected. Millions of people around the world are architecting it in their hearts and minds. Their consciousness has risen to the point where the new world has no choice but to emerge. Next, the builders will be called to take the plans and begin construction. What a wonderful moment in human evolution…

You won’t see those people on television or hear their press-conference. But if you’re still and silent, you will feel them, their rising consciousness, their will and intention fearlessly birthing a new world, a new earth. Listen, and then join them.

~Jay Kshatri


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