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Maximizing Your Vibrational Energy – The True Source of Power

December 30, 2016

As we collectively move through the major transformational events occurring across the globe, the most important thing is that you not let external circumstances define who you are. That’s a choice you get to make every day with every thought. Given that the average human has 50,000 thoughts a day that’s a very large number of conscious or unconscious choices we make daily. And, since our thoughts manifest the reality we experience, good or high energy thoughts bring good things into our physical experience, bad or low energy thoughts bring unpleasant things into our reality.

Moreover, most of us go around allowing things outside of us – people, events, situations – to overly influence what we think (thought energy) and how we feel (emotional energy). We become re-active to the external world instead of being pro-active and creating it for ourselves through our thinking. In this way then, happiness is a choice. It becomes something we proactively choose with every thought.

I know this seems like a difficult thing to do – or sounds like being told to “just be happy”. And for sure it is not easy, but it can be done through practice, and by keeping in mind that you don’t “just be happy”. Happiness is a result of having helpful and positive thoughts that lead to a state of feeling happy. Like anything worth achieving, it takes practice. So, thoughts are always the first cause which then have the effect of what you feel (hopefully happy).

How then do we have more positive thoughts? We choose them and take little steps to train our mind that we are not in the mood to accept low-energy thinking. Here is one small way to start – try reciting simple mantras with some high energy words to yourself with the attributes that you would like to have or be:

“I am Love”
“I am Joyful”
“I am in Perfect Health”
“I am Peaceful”
“I am Compassionate to all Beings”
“I am Grateful for All”
“I am One with All”
“I Forgive Everyone and Everything”
“I live in Perfect Abundance”
“My Joy is in Service to Others”

Per universal laws, your body and surroundings have no option but to obey your command. The more you think, say, and feel what you want, the more it becomes a reality. Meditate for five minutes and get into a calm state and then start doing those mantras for a couple of minutes. See if your mind and body start to feel differently. [You can of course test the opposite hypothesis as well – repeat negative words and phrases to yourself and see how that makes you feel …].

The Creative Energetic Power Within Us All

The Universal Law which we’ve been talking about is something Einstein figured out in the 1930’s. He realized that Energy converts into Matter:

E is Energy and M is Matter or Material Substance times C, the Speed of Light Squared. So Einstein figured out that everything in our material world is an Energetic Frequency Vibration.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”  – Albert Einstein.

Our thoughts are Energy, and therefore our thinking turns into Matter and thus creates the physical reality we experience on a daily basis. Einstein’s equation is bi-directional, so we can say that matter turns into energy as well as saying that energy turns into matter. The interesting thing is that we are subconsciously taught by our parents, teachers, and others during our childhood to follow this equation but only in one direction – that manipulating matter, our material reality, will lead to changes in our energetic state. In other words, if we learn to manipulate (physically manage, change, alter, etc.) aspects of our material world that we come into contact with – people, events, our bodies, the level of wealth we have, etc. – we will be able to achieve the energetic frequency we desire (happiness, peace, love, abundance, etc.). But ironically, not many people talk about working the equation in the opposite direction, proactively changing and managing our energetic frequency to create the material reality we desire to experience. So, for years and years, lifetime after lifetime, we struggle in a reactive way against the material reality we are presented with instead of proactively harnessing the true creative power that resides within all of us.

How then do we harness that power? By maximizing E or Energetic Frequency through the power of our thoughts we can create the M or material reality of our lives. Which then makes us ask what is the highest frequency of thought that we can have? You can answer this easily for yourself – what makes you feel powerful? I believe that one of the most powerful frequencies is Love. While Fear and Hate are two of the lowest energetic frequencies – they make you feel scared, fearful, and vulnerable.

Dr. David R. Hawkins his book, Power VS Force attempted to catalogue different human Energetic Vibration Levels. He used behavioral kinesiology, a form of muscle-testing to determine emotional responses to stimuli. In essence, certain words and concepts would be said to you and your muscle resistance would be measured. A strong response would indicate a high energy level, and a low or weak muscular resistance would indicate a low energy level. Based on his testing he was able to produce a spectrum of energy frequencies aligning to certain emotional energy levels within humans. We don’t necessarily have to take these as scientific gospel, but they do give us a general frame of reference:

  • Shame … energy level 20
  • Guilt … energy level 30
  • Apathy …energy level 50
  • Grief …energy level 75
  • Fear … energy level 100
  • Desire … energy level 125
  • Anger … energy level 150
  • Pride …. energy level 175
  • Courage … energy level 200
  • Neutrality … energy level 250
  • Willingness … energy level 310
  • Acceptance … energy level 350
  • Reason … energy level 400
  • Love … energy level 500
  • Joy … energy level 540
  • Peace … energy level 600
  • Enlightenment … energy level 700 – 1000

Ego -The Energy Thief

You can see that the lower energy levels are all associated with the Ego, rather than Spirit. John Randolph Price writing in A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World forcefully gives a vivid description of the problems of the Ego:

In the Wisdom Teachings, the ego is called ‘the Dweller on the Threshold’ – and is described as the sum total of the evil desires, past mistakes and weaknesses, all perverse motives, and the personality defects of the lower nature. It is a vitalized thoughtform representing the principle of duality including wrong mental attitude and every controlling fault in consciousness. Once we know what we are dealing with we can begin the process of transmuting this destructive energy through the Law of Substitution – in other words replacing the lower (vibrational frequency) with the Higher.

Omnipotence in continuous unceasing thrusts of Divine Energy completely restores, renews, regenerates and rebuilds your life and world according to the Divine Reality. All of this is happening at every moment in time, but remember, Spirit can do for you only what it can do through you. And any obstructions, blocks, impediments and interferences are caused by the Dweller and the insanity that this thoughtform represents.

How do you clear the channels? Through an activity that impairs the dweller more than any other. It is called surrender, not to the mad hatter on the threshold, but to the Spirit. It is a giving up – a casting upon the Holy Fire within all the aspects of your mental-emotional system that it feeds on, and this must be done daily. Every single day, and hour-by-hour if necessary, until you are safely and permanently in the Secret Place, you must release everything that has caused you fear, anger, guilt, hurt and depression. These can almost always traced to your wrong thoughts, wrong words, and wrong actions. Recall the cause. Recapture the situation and bring the whole scenario into the Presence within as if on a rolled up canvas and cast it upon the Holy Fire. It is a law of the Universe that whatever you surrender to Spirit is always purified, thus unblocking Spirit’s avenues of expression through consciousness.

Thus when we start replacing our lower Ego based thoughts with much higher ones such as Love, Joy, and Peace that is when our consciousness rises dramatically and the power of the Divine Source Field becomes available to create and attract into being the wonderful material reality that we desire. When we are in a fearful or hate filled state with thoughts that push people and things away from us, or when we are feeling guilty or shameful, then we are the mercy of the material reality around us and attract into our lives things that are undesirable. Being in a loving energetic state is like having the equivalent of a nuclear reactor in terms of energy to work with in creating your material reality. While being in a fearful state is like having the energy of a firecracker – you might make some sparks, but moving mountains and creating miracles is definitely out of the question!

Mind-Body Harmony

E is another term for the Divine Source Energy that is the basis for all creation.  It is the creative information and energy force that drives everything. Allowing this highest level of energy to flow through you, enables you to exist at your highest state of being and is what you use to powerfully co-create your reality. If you block, dilute, or distort it, you lower your creative potential dramatically. How? – through your lower energy thoughts, toxins in your body, electromagnetic interference of your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual energy fields (cell phones, wifi, microwaves), sound noise in your environment, and lack of connection to the source field directly (lack of exposure to nature, lack of proper breathing and access to high quality air and water).


When your energy vibrates at the frequency of love, it is the best protection in a hostile world and the best way of creating a better one.” ~Jay Kshatri

Of all of those “blockers of Source Energy”, though all are collectively important, none is more powerful than your thoughts. Of course, when we think 50,000 thoughts a day, just saying a few good ones, and then heaping in a mess of bad ones won’t get us very far. And so we have to be careful of our thinking (and speaking) on a moment to moment basis and also realize that throughout our day, there are things that are stimulating unhelpful thoughts and feelings and potentially changing our energetic state from good to bad.

These things include what other people are saying, doing, and how they are being (their energetic state), what we are saying and doing, the types of energy we consume in terms of television, music, books, internet content, emails, texts, etc. And, since the mind and body are connected, if our body is not in good shape, is full of toxins, is not getting adequate exercise, sunlight, fresh air, water, and natural foods, then it will negatively affect our mind and thinking also.

We can also develop the capability to control our thinking through daily meditation. Meditation is to the Mind as Exercise is to the Body. Meditation gives us the capability to control the flow of thoughts and to quiet our mind so that the good remains and the bad doesn’t have an easy way to get in. Our reactivity to external stimulus goes down dramatically thus giving us greater ability to choose our thoughts. As many gurus have said in the past:

The Divine Source is the Space In-Between Your Thoughts

When we decide to be proactive in our thinking to positively define our reality, we get much more selective about the things we consume that could alter our thinking in a negative way and start to not let those things into our life anymore. We come to see how quickly our energetic state can be lowered by those things that stimulate unhelpful or low-energy thoughts within us and make our “E” crash. And, if your E is crashing and low, it directly attracts into your life people, events, and situations that are also of a low vibratory energetic frequency.

Like attracts Like in the world of Spiritual Energy.

And when we are choosing our thoughts wisely, we allow Divine Source Energy, the information stream of all creation, to work seamlessly on our physical body and regulate it back to perfect health. Current day medicine only looks at the body as a series of bio-chemical inter-actions. Energy flow within the body, as the Chinese and Indians discovered thousands of years ago, does not come into the equation. What this does is that traditional western medicine is relatively good at treating symptoms but not so good at treating the root cause of ill-health. How could it? It’s missing the complete story of how the body really works.

To be clear, I’m not saying western medicine is not useful. I’m saying it shouldn’t be an either / or situation between alternative or holistic therapies and western medicine. We should be using the best of both in order to treat the root cause of ill health. And in the process, getting rid of current therapies that are highly toxic and result in the blocking of E / Source Energy into the Human body.

But how do you know if you are at an optimum Energetic Vibration Level?

A very simple test of someone’s Energetic Frequency that I like to give is the following:

If someone is experiencing unlimited amounts of joy, love, perfect health, happiness, and abundance in all aspects of their life, then their thinking and daily energy consumption in various forms is working in their favor. If that’s not what they are experiencing, then there is a problem with their thoughts and their energetic consumption patterns in their physical environment.

The Two Frequency Generators of Love that Move Mountains and Create Miracles

So being mindful of your Energetic Vibration is the key to being happy and proactively controlling your reality. Being able to raise your energetic state would then be a key skill we should all learn. In my experience there are two key things that quickly move your Energetic State to one of Love and Higher:


When we forgive someone or something, we immediately remove the energetic hold that person or situation may have had on us. We cut the cord so to speak and release ourselves from any energetic frequency reduction that person or situation could impose on us. By forgiving, we boldly choose to be in control of how we feel, not something or someone outside of us and take back control of our Energetic Frequency and dramatically raise our “E”. Forgiveness releases us to rise back to the highest level of Energetic Frequency we can possess and restores us to our natural harmonious and joyous state of being. With Forgiveness, we recognize that the “other” is actually “us” and that any differences or conflicts between us are temporary illusions that are not worthy of sustaining.


When we are grateful, we immediately put ourselves in the energy frequency of Love. Gratitude eliminates the separation between us and our external world. We realize it is all part of us and we recognize the inherent beauty and goodness in our surroundings. When we choose to be grateful, the universe recognizes our gratitude and provides back to us beauty and goodness in our lives. The Love Frequency rises within us and gives us the ability to powerfully create our reality and to Move Mountains. We allow the Divine Source to beam freely through us, and thus embrace our inherent capability as Divine Co-Creators.

Creating with Divine Source Energy

Once you get your Energy (E) sky high, the question then becomes, what do you want to co-create with it? In human terms we would consider this to mean what is our life’s purpose or our mission. As each of the trillions of cells in the human body has a defined purpose, so do we as human beings. When a cell loses communication and synchronization with the body’s cellular management mechanism, it becomes cancerous. It no longer works harmoniously with the rest of the body to keep it functioning well. Instead it ends up going rogue, becoming disconnected and separated from its cellular peers and goes off on its own agenda.

Humans suffer the same issue as a cancer cell – they can become disconnected from their Source of Energy and Information (E, Prana, Chi, Divine Source, The Zero Point Field) and instead of working harmoniously and holistically through their unique purpose for the best outcome for all, they instead pursue their own “ego and fear-based agendas”.  As a result both they suffer and society at large.

When a person’s Energy Vibration is high however, and they are connecting cleanly to Divine Source, they are seamlessly guided to their purpose and life starts to take on a more effortless quality. You embrace your Divine Purpose, follow its impulses, and the power of the Source optimizes your physical reality to achieve your common goals. You, just as a healthy cell in your body, have decided to perform your optimum role for the good of the whole. As a result, resistance dissipates, and life takes on a more joyful and vibrant quality.

Synchronicity becomes your normal way of life. Things magically happen to make your path smooth. Information and guidance happens just at the right time for you to make the best choice for the highest good for yourself and others.  In fact, you are granted access to higher levels of intelligence beyond the small “local hard drive in your head”. Anything you need to know, you can ask and be instantly given the answer. Decision making from the smallest item to the most complex issue becomes easy – you have “insider” access to the intelligence of the Divine Source. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that this is a great way to experience life. My deepest desire is that all of us will experience this in our life times.

An enlightened, high consciousness society would work hard to ensure that each of its citizens had ample time and training to develop strong access to Divine Source Energy.  They could then be in full alignment with their purpose and powerfully co-create with the Divine Source to produce their unique contribution of beauty and goodness for the benefit of all. I’m sure you’ll agree, the time has definitely come for us to put that concept into practice…

I am hoping that with these thoughts on Truth, you will make 2017 your best year ever. You are more powerful than you realize! What you’ve read in this article is a high level framework for how vibrational energy interacts with our material reality. If you have the desire to develop mastery in Personal Vibrational Energy management, here are some resources worth exploring across the various energetic areas in Mind-Body-Spirit. Wishing you many blessings on your path to the Light.



  • Gaia TV – Gaia is the world’s largest resource of conscious media to empower the evolution of consciousness.  This is perhaps the best thing you can do to access information about the true nature of reality. Highly Recommended.
  • Science Set Free Podcast, with Professor Rupert Sheldrake
  • Buddha at the Gas Pump Podcast – Interviews with “ordinary” spiritually awakening people, with Rick Archer

Mind – Meditation


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~Jay Kshatri

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