Unity Consciousness

Mystic Insights No. 10 – Be∙In∙G(od)

January 30, 2017


Human Being

Be-In-G (od)

Being (versus Doing), is therefore to Be-in-God

This is actually the Holy Grail

The Search for God was always right under our noses

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within Us

If the Divine Creator is an energy and information field (not some man with a beard sitting far away on a hill top in the clouds), then that Source Field of Divine Consciousness is what creates everything and everyone. Which means, we ourselves are emanations of that Divine Source. We ourselves are Gods. Everything is Source.

That is Enlightenment, that is Nirvana, that is Satori. To make the breakthrough in awareness to knowing that Truth. That there is only Oneness, one Unified Whole.

Oneness is the gateway out of all suffering and all delusion that takes life time after life time for us humans to try and understand.

Until we learn that Truth of Oneness, we are fooled into believing that everything in reality is Separate from us. Which in turn means to most, that it can be attacked, manipulated, abused, and ignored without consequence.

If you understood something was inherently a part of you, connected to you, you would not dream of attacking or harming it. It would be like taking your right hand and using it to beat the rest of your body into a pulp, or allowing one part of your body to die out of neglect because you felt it wasn’t as “deserving” as the rest of your body or it wasn’t carrying it’s own weight. Or, hating one part of your body, because it looked slightly different than another part. No sane person would do such a thing.

But those who are fooled, do not realize that every one of their human peers, the animals, and the earth itself, are part of one integrated Be-In-G.

So the attacks continue. The wars, the hatred, the destruction, the unkindness, the competition, the poverty, the deceit, the abuse, the neglect, and much more.

The Holy Grail is Regaining your Sanity via Understanding who You really Are

A Being in God, the Divine Creator, the Universal Architect. Not an isolated island of temporary material substance. You are Spirit in Material form – God itself taking Human Shape to Experience Life.

Free Will is humanity’s desire to experience life without remembering who they are. To taste the veil of separation and see if they can remember the Truth. To test themselves with the illusions of Good and Evil, and Us versus Them. The contrasts that we experience when under the veil, allow us to experience the good and bad effects of our actions and thoughts in order to develop a deeper appreciation for the Pure Bliss of Love. In this dimensional reality, we learn best through direct experience of Cause and Effect, also known as Karma.

Human civilization after civilization ends up in the same place during these tests – Self Destruction. Not enough of the population can awake in time to realize the True Nature of Reality. Ultimate destruction of all life is the strange conclusion that is reached. The experiment then begins again with all parties hoping this time it will be different.

We Have Reached that Fork in the Road Again

Will we awake this time from our collective slumber and choose to remember the Truth that is within us? Will we resist the Fear that insists that we must get what is “rightfully ours” and in the process continue the sale of our souls to the Dark Forces.  Or, will we awake in time to recognize ourselves in each other, make peace, and take the rightful road to ascending to the higher dimensional versions of ourselves we know lies within?

It’s our move. It’s our choice, every moment, every day. Do we choose the Illusion of Separation, or do we choose the Truth of our Unified Being-In-God.

~Jay Kshatri

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