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Mystic Insights No. 11 – If You Want Something, Do More of It

June 13, 2017

In times of stress, we humans have a tendency to do the opposite of what would actually get us closer to our goal. If we are frustrated in our desire for peace in the world, we become agitated (un-peaceful) in our attempt to obtain peace. In other words, we end up contributing and adding to the thing we are looking to eradicate.

A much more effective means to grow something, is to do more of it. So, if peace is what you seek, then you would become more peaceful and quiet, and raise your energetic state to that of which you desire. In the world of energy, like attracts like, so in this way you would create from your own efforts, your own state of being what you seek to have happen.

You are much more powerful than you realize

This doesn’t mean we don’t “stand-up” for what is right, but it does mean that how we go about doing so has a real impact on our ability to achieve the objective.

Likewise, if it is a loving world you seek, then being un-loving towards others who you think are the “cause” of the problem, only helps create more discord and less love. In this way, we must “lean-in” to what we seek, do more of it, rather than “lean-out” and create the opposite of our goal. If you want the world to be more abundant and generous, then having a mindset of abundance and being in a generous state of mind in all aspects of your life will manifest that reality for you. Gratitude also is a key part of the abundance mindset where we recognize the inherent beauty and worth in everything.

People who don’t have our best interests at heart, understand this concept of creating our reality very well. To hinder and minimize our immense creative power, they purposely introduce fear inducing tactics through various forms of media for us to react in ways that are the opposite of our desires. By doing this, they get us to participate in sabotaging our own objectives. Don’t fall for their simple but effective tricks. Be the change you want to see in the world first by raising your energetic vibration to that level and things around you will respond in kind.

The world is truly a mirror of our of collective consciousness – let’s put our best image forward


~Jay Kshatri


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