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The Power of Meditation to Transform the World

June 20, 2016


Gordon Davidson and Corinne McLaughlin in their 1994 book, Spiritual Politics, have given an excellent exposition on the power of meditation not only as a tool for achieving stillness, calm , and healing, but to use it as a way to connect to the greater web of life and influence reality for all of humanity.  A deep meditation practice is thus not a static affair, but can become one full of action and purpose through accessing and directing Divine Energy for the greater good of all:

“One of the primary ways we can help in world crises is through the power of meditation. While prayer is often referred to as talking to God, meditation is about listening to God, or to that higher, wiser part of ourselves that is the spark of Divinity within us.

Meditation is the mind’s power to hold itself steady in the Light and in the Light to become aware of Divine purpose. Meditation is called the Science of Light because it works with the substance of Light. Light is the result of the fusion of Spirit and matter. Meditation helps us develop a sense of detachment emotionally and mentally so we can be more effective in helping the world from the inner side. When we react emotionally to an event, we cannot be of help, as our emotional body is vibrating on the same level as the problem rather than working from higher level in order to help heal it and transmit it into something positive. Meditation also helps to purify us, bringing up long-suppressed emotional negativity within us, so that it can be burned up by the fire of the mind in contact with Spirit. It also burns up illusions and distortions in the ind – our fear, anger, and hatred – and this enables us to perceive the world more clearly.

Concentration and steadiness of mind is also developed by the practice of meditation. This allows us to think more clearly and creatively about personal and social problems and to find solutions. Meditation helps us develop our intuition and helps us manage stress. The inner peace we find in meditation helps us to create more peace in the world. It also fills us with healing energy, for ourselves and others in need of healing.

Meditation develops inner resources and energizes us so more can be accomplished with less effort. Just as personal meditation can help us discover more clearly what our purpose is in life, group meditation can also help an organization, public interest group, or government align more directly with its mission. This enables it to fulfill its higher purpose and channels organizational resources in a more effective direction. Meditation in groups can also assist us in working together to bring about a more positive future.

We can use a reflective form of meditation to explore new understanding of an idea – to expand it or refine it – or to find a creative solution to a particular social problem. This type of meditation actively engages the abstract mind or intuition by holding it steady in the Light and dedicating the exploration to the highest good.


One of the doors to meditation in the early stages is visualization, since it works according to the occult law that form follows thought. The creative imagination pictures a form, and the mind gives energy, life, and direction to this form. Visualization builds a bridge from the emotional to the mental plane that can affect the physical world in positive or negative ways.

For example, if a loved one is late getting home, we often tend to picture something horrible happening to him /her. Instead we need to consciously visualize positive images in great detail. We can visualize our loved one traveling safely and happily and arriving home perfectly fine. In just this way wee can visualize the healing and unification of those groups or nations involved in a conflict, asking first that this be for their highest good. Many people visualize a stream of white light radiating from the center of their forehead – from their ‘third eye’ center between the brow – which can be directed where needed, surrounding the person(s) and the situation in Light.

Now that we’ve all seen pictures from NASA of the whole Earth, we can easily visualize our planet surrounded by love and Light and at peace, as this strengthens all efforts toward world unity and synthesis, and also helps to heal environmental problems.

Effects of Meditation

Science has offered an explanation for the peace-promoting effects of meditation in terms of quantum field theory. Physicists Josephson, Domash, Hagelin, and Sudarshan believe that impulses of coherence in consciousness could move much like an electric current in a supercooled wire and jump gaps from brain to brain by traveling in a field of consciousness that is much like a vacuum state. Physicist Itzhak Bentov explained that  good mediator can charge the electrostatic field surrounding his or her body so that it will be resonant with the frequency of the Earth at 7.5 cycles per second. This enables the meditator to affect any body vibrating at a similar frequency range.

The Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia found there was less radiation in the Kiev cathedrals near the Chernobyl nuclear accident than in other locations nearby. In conducting tests, they found that radiation seemed to be reduced by one-third in the churches, raising the possibility of a causal link with prayer and meditation.

Right Intention

From the perspective of the Ageless Wisdom (Alice Bailey), the problem with trying to do good in the world by insisting on the power of one’s own developed discipline, whether meditation skills or anything else, is that our ego gets too identified with the fruits of the action and is not sufficiently detached from the results to allow spiritual energy to flow through. What is encouraged in the Ageless Wisdom tradition is to first purify our motives for wanting to help, and the to align our personal will with God’s will, asking for the highest good to come from our efforts, realizing we may not consciously know the deeper lessons and karmic purposes being played out in a given situation.

All the spiritual traditions warn that meditation can be dangerous if there is not right motive involved – a desire to serve the world in some way rather than to serve only the self or to achieve personal powers.

Much of the inner work to be done is for the future, not the present, to prepare the blueprint for the new consciousness and forms to manifest. In doing this kind of inner, meditative work, we need to remember that we may not see the fruits of our work for many years – in fact, we may never know the results of our work at all. There is no objective way to verify that any specific event is directly the result of an inner, meditative effort. And, in fact, we can only do this work successfully if we develop a sense of detachment from the need to see the results.”

Think Smarter World Insight

Meditation is the starting point to access higher levels of consciousness. When we meditate, we calm the mind, and ideally stop the abundance of free-will thoughts (the day to day worries about the past and future that remove us from our firm grounding in the present moment). These stray thoughts and fears distort the Source Energy that is flowing through us. By tapping into that Divine Source Energy, we are able to connect to everything and everyone in existence as well as access all of the collective knowledge and wisdom present in the Universe. The more we quiet our own mind the more we allow Source Energy to fill us and work through us. We then vibrate as close to the Source Energetic Vibration as possible and are able to Co-Create with the Divine.

Meditation is often taught as a means get us to that “quiet” and “still” point. If we can get there, that’s the place for understanding what the Divine seeks to create and experience through us. We can then use our own imagination and creative powers to send that intention through the cosmic web of interconnectivity to materialize that intention.

So in short, the steps are to still the mind, connect to the Divine Source, listen carefully for guidance, and then use our free will intention through visualization and desire to manifest what the Divine has revealed to us. When you are listening carefully, the guidance will come to you through thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Higher states of consciousness recognize that this guidance is in the highest interest for yourself and everyone else. When you embrace that, you recognize your true purpose and are then able to translate the materialization of that purpose through your thoughts and intentions during your meditation practice.

Meditation in this way is Frequency matching to the Divine Source Energy Field. The goal is to get our personal energy as close as possible to the Divine Source Frequency. Everything in creation is energy and thus we are energy consumption and transformation beings. All parts of our reality have a frequency – foods, water, colors, sounds, words, thoughts, material goods, and of course people. The energy we “consume” all has an effect on our energy body and how effectively we are able to connect to Source and thus how powerfully we are able to co-create our reality as well as the state of our health. When we more fully allow in the Divine Light to our being, sickness is rare. We have essentially let the perfect force of creation, perfect us. Where we get into trouble is by blocking that perfect energy through our negative free-will choices.

The food we eat as an example, is just a convenient “delivery mechanism or wrapper” to deliver the energy and information our bodies need to thrive. The books, movies, tv, music, and news we consume all has either an energetic frequency raising effect or a lowering one. As does the words we listen to and say to other people. The highest energy content is in things where Love, Beauty, Joy, Kindness, and Compassion are the main ingredient. Unfortunately, it is easy in our current society to consume things that are just the opposite of those healthful frequency boosting substances. And, as the typical human has approximately 50,000 thoughts per day, consuming energetic information that causes you to have negative or fearful thoughts has a strong detriment to the state of your energy body.

Meditation thus becomes a critical tool to manage your energetic vibration. The more you meditate, quiet your mind and connect to the Divine Source, the more you will become aligned with the highest vibration of creation. Your desires, emotions, and intentions will then naturally be motivated to making that higher vibration materialize in our present day reality. Your meditation practice then will become much more than achieving a calm state of mind and personal healing, it will become a catalyst for radically transforming the world into the image of the Divine. You will be directly involved in bringing Heaven down to Earth and become a Sacred Activist. You and the Source, will be One. There is no higher objective in any lifetime.

~Jay Kshatri


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