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Seeing the Oneness of our Reality – Part One

August 15, 2014


We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
– The Buddha

In this five part series, we will explore the meaning of Oneness – the concept of one interconnected consciousness that gives rise to all beings and matter. There is no self and the other, they are one and the same. In my opinion, it is the understanding and experience of Oneness that is the key ingredient necessary for us to progress forward as individuals and for society to solve its biggest problems. Think about it, progress on any of the major issues we face – rising poverty, food and water shortages, climate change, rising energy prices, growing inequality, deteriorating education standards, immigration etc – are all stale-mated at the current time because we have become hyper-polarized as a society in terms of us versus them, what’s mine is not yours, and winning is everything. Yet, collectively, we have enormous technology, intellectual, and financial resources to solve or at least significantly mitigate almost any problem, if we would only cooperate. But if we think we are separate and different from “the other person or group”, that cooperation will be a long time in coming, if ever.

In this five-part series, I’ll take you on a tour of what the latest information form the world of Science, Spirituality, and Psychology is revealing about our true reality. These things have been spoken about by ancient spiritual traditions for thousands of years, but our modern world took a detour around 400 years ago and is now finally catching up. Hopefully more will awaken to our underlying interconnected and shared reality and we can finally move forward to realize our true potential. -JK

Part One:

What if there were a tool that let us shape and choose our circumstances, that allowed us to in fact create the reality that we experience? If we had such a tool, it would radically alter our lives, would it not? We wouldn’t merely be hostages of our circumstances, but rather the masters of them.

Ancient spiritual and mystical traditions—Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and other traditions—have spoken about this tool for thousands of years and have all taught aspects of a great power we all possess to create our own individual realities through our thoughts—or rather, to literally be creators of our own circumstances.  Major thought leaders from every walk of life—literary (Ralph Waldo Emerson), scientific (physicist David Bohm), inventive (Thomas Edison), business (founder of US Steel Charles M. Schwab), and social pioneering (Mahatma Gandhi)—have spoken and written about their own use of these techniques in the creation of their greatest works. And now modern-day personalities, such as author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), recount their personal stories of how harnessing this power has allowed them to achieve great success, both personally and professionally.

Like most of society, you may not yet truly understand and accept this power due to the perceived lack of hard proof. And it’s true—we don’t yet have 100% scientific proof for the existence of God, a Universal Consciousness, an Energy Matrix Field that interconnects all of us and all things, or the ability of our thoughts to alter reality and events.  But science (quantum physics in particular) and a number of other observational results have been pointing to the existence of such phenomenon for many years now. I use the word “pointing” specifically to indicate and acknowledge that no, we do not yet have the repeatable proof that supports the definition of scientific validation; however, many experiments have been conducted (and subsequently verified) that do show the existence of non-local communication (one person being able to transmit thoughts to another person located in another area), energy healing, remote viewing (a person being able to mentally see a faraway place and describe its details), and other related abilities.

I’ve been exploring these topics for a decade now and had many personal experiences that have helped me to validate in my own mind the existence of these phenomena. My journey to this point started in 2003, when I first read the book The Field by investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart. The “Field” in this case is referring to the energy matrix that’s connecting all of us—all beings and all matter—to each other at the subatomic level.  In the book, which is expertly researched by Lynne via discussions with leading scientists working on the frontiers of quantum physics, McTaggart writes:

Quantum physicists had discovered a strange property in the subatomic world called non-locality. This refers to the ability of a quantum entity such as an individual electron to influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance despite there being no exchange of force or energy. It suggested that quantum particles once in contact retain a connection even when separated, so that the actions of one will always influence the other, no matter how far they get separated. Albert Einstein disparaged this “spooky action at a distance,” and it was one of the major reasons he so distrusted quantum mechanics, but it has been decisively verified by a number of physicists since 1982.

The concept of non-locality is a game changer. It says that we are all connected at the subatomic level. We, and everything on this planet, are one big energy field. McTaggart goes on to say:

Non-locality shattered the very foundations of physics. Matter could no longer be considered separate. Einstein’s most fundamental axiom wasn’t correct: at a certain level of matter, things could travel faster than the speed of light. Subatomic particles had no meaning in isolation, but could only be understood in their relationships. The world, at its most basic, existed as a complex web of interdependent relationships, forever indivisible.



The Field is written from a scientific perspective, which made me sit up and listen. It also resonated with my own personal experience of connection to a universal life force I had felt all my life. All throughout my childhood and into my adult years, I sensed the presence of a guardian angel, a guiding spirit I could feel giving me direction through my emotions. When I wanted to get insight on what direction to go in my life or how to make a certain decision, I would sit quietly and wait for a signal. It would usually come in the form of an energy surge through my head, neck, and shoulders and down to my belly. When that occurred, I knew I was on the right track. The signal worked so consistently that I trusted it completely, but I was never 100% certain about what or from where the signal was coming.

With my technological mindset, the scientific research presented in The Field was welcome confirmation of what I had experienced for decades. But it also went a lot further than I had ever contemplated, challenging and expanding the perspective I had built up until that point.  Essentially it said science was pointing us to the reality that we are all interconnected as part of one big energy field, that what we do, how we think, and how we feel have an effect on others because everything about us—including our thoughts—are energy. And since we’re all connected, we are affecting others as well as ourselves through our thoughts. Moreover, since thoughts are energy (per E=MC2) and energy converts to matter, thoughts by definition are creating our physical reality as well.

Religions have been teaching us this concept for thousands of years, and now science is saying that it may have proof of this inter-connected reality we’ve previously taken as “faith.”  The Field is a great place to begin to understand the scientific basis of Oneness. But there is much more to learn. Scientists in physics, biology, and other areas, along with modern spiritual thinkers, are telling us something quite profound about our existence and the implications for how to live our lives.

There are other data points as well:

  • Renowned psychologists are unearthing the past lives of their patients.
  • People are recounting startling details of their near-death experiences.
  • Authors are channeling communication by spiritual beings and capturing wisdom and teachings of our lives beyond the physical realm.

I believe if we can comprehend and synthesize all of these messages the universe is sending us, we will be able to radically transform our lives and our society for the better.

Will we ever have full, repeatable proof of a Universal Consciousness as we do with our measurements of physical phenomena? Perhaps, but maybe not. Science attempts to measure and create mathematical constructs, but the spiritual realities we investigate may not lend themselves to those methodologies, and our current mathematical abilities may not be far enough along to capture what we’re seeing.  In addition, our technology to measure and record what we see may not be advanced enough to consistently measure these energy forces and field effects. Or—and this is the biggie—per the tenets of the Observer Effect in quantum physics, as we are observing an event (and simultaneously thinking about it), we are actually affecting or changing its outcome. It’s difficult to get a repeatable, consistent result when the person conducting the test is affecting its outcome!

What’s more, while we all have an ability to manipulate our environment at a subatomic level or to tap into the Universal Consciousness, we may need to develop and hone that skill just as we do with more physical pursuits of the body.  As an example, most everyone has the ability to play the game of golf. However, if you want to play well, you need to develop your skills over time to improve your capability. Certainly some people will have specific inherent physical features that allow them to excel in that sport over others, but for the most part, with focused effort, most everyone can learn to play at least to some level.

The same logic would apply to developing the capability of our minds to tune into our connection to the Universal Consciousness. Some of our fellow citizens already possess this ability and may in fact have had it from a very young age. Others have awakened to their capability at a point in their lives and developed it over time.In some ways, an apt analogy would be tuning into a radio station that’s broadcasting 24/7/365—it’s always on and ready for us to listen. What we need to do is turn on our radios (our minds) and tune into that particular station; otherwise, it’s no surprise that we don’t receive the information.

In fact, philosopher Ken Wilber in his book Quantum Questions points out—through his research of the public letters and speeches of the major pioneering quantum physicists from the first half of the 20th century—that though they were not convinced science and math could prove the existence of God, many were in fact mystics (people who seek unity with the Deity or Absolute through contemplation) and very involved and knowledgeable about metaphysics. Although science—their science—at that stage in our history couldn’t prove the existence of the divine, they instinctively and intuitively knew it.

In upcoming posts, I will give you various examples that illustrate the existence of a world beyond classical physics—one based on metaphysics (“meta” meaning above or beyond)—a reality that exists beyond the physical one we can readily touch and see. These examples come from a wide range of sources and disciplines, and it is for that reason—the cross validation from many different sources— that I believe we should seriously strive to understand the metaphysical world.  This is a form of Information Triangulation.  A technique where you essentially take the idea or source you’re interested in, and then through additional searching, you determine the overlap where multiple trusted sources agree on this certain topic or course of action. Ideally, the best validation is when the sources in agreement on that topic come from different backgrounds and viewpoints.

In the case of the existence of God, a Universal Consciousness, or The Unified Energy Field, we now have a number of unrelated data points from different sources that are all intersecting and point to the validation of these phenomena. They broadly consist of:

  • Quantum Physics and other scientific disciplines’ revelations of reality beyond physical matter
  • Teachings of various spiritual traditions—Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, Hinduism, and Taoism
  • Past Life Regression results by leading psychologists, meticulously recorded under controlled hypnosis conditions
  • Near-Death Experiences of many individuals showing remarkable similarities in their accounts
  • “Channeled” communication coming from the Source (God) to individuals ready to receive it

In Part Two, we’ll begin to take a look at each of these overlapping areas separately and see what they are saying.

This is Part Four of a Five Part Series of Seeing the Oneness of our Reality. See other installments: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five.

~Jay Kshatri

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