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The Divine and the Ego

June 24, 2017

The Divine says here’s an idea that will utilize the capability and resources of humanity for the common good. The Ego says, that’s great, let me see how I can monetize it for massive personal gain. Uber anyone?

That exchange happens countless times every day. The exiting of the Uber CEO (he still remains on the board) is just the latest high profile example. A wonderful idea that in the hands of someone with a faulty moral compass can become hurtful to others rather than helpful.

But what is the root cause?

The “business model” of starting new ventures of course is a key issue – “venture capitalists” who invest “early and with high risk” expect “big returns for their investment”. Not surprisingly, these firms, who are all on the board of Uber, have stayed quiet and have not acted until just recently, because they dare not jeopardize their “investment and outsize returns”. Their moral compass has basically one marking on it – a big $ sign – and they take action only once the risk / return ratio goes high enough and the needle moves significantly off the mark.

So the actions of the CEO of Uber is a symptom of the system that supported him. That doesn’t mean he’s not culpable for his actions, but it does point to the fact that to solve issues like his, we must deal with the root cause underneath – the greed of the capitalist system which has been created to replace the human soul with profit. More specifically, the idea that we are separate entities with no inherent connection between us – which allows weak hearts and minds to feel it is ok to manipulate others for their personal gain.

This is child-level consciousness, yes? Yet, we allow such individuals in business, government, and others organizations to lead us every day in this manner. Does it make sense to allow “children” to drive the bus?  It is high time for those with “adult level consciousness” to take over the wheel.

Jay Kshatri

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