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Resources for those Walking on the Path to Truth

July 31, 2017

Would anyone purposely ever want anything but the Truth?

Most of us would answer no to that question. But sadly, the reality of our lives is that from the moment we are born, powerful forces spring into action taking us away from Truth and straight into a master course centered around Greed, Hatred, and Delusion. To break away from the self-destructive mental conditioning that mainstream society provides is an astounding accomplishment when someone achieves it. And what does one get in return for their efforts? They get to reclaim their inherent Divine Power that empowers them with the same unlimited capability to create reality as it does. Fear drops away as the person realizes that their safety and access to abundance is completely within their own control. They are able to harness their Inner Light as the Creator Gods they truly are.

Fortunately, millions of people around the world are experiencing this reunion with their Inner Light. The Light that allows only perfect health, happiness, love, and joy to exist in its presence. And, the good news for others who would like to join them is that we now have more high quality insight and guidance than ever before to assist us on the path towards enlightenment, if that is our destination.

In the service of that destination, this is my suggested list of resources to begin the path to higher levels of consciousness.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive and comprehensive grouping. Rather, it is a representative sampling of works in three key areas that I have found necessary for expanding the mind and opening up the heart. They have the ability to illuminate the path that dedicated seekers can then embark on for further development. As has been said, if one earnestly seeks, he or she shall find. The right teachers then, in various forms, will effortlessly appear as needed for those dedicated to the Truth.

Three Insights to Begin

  1. Ultimately, the best teacher is the one that is inside of you – your higher self who is directly connected to Divine Consciousness. If you can quiet your mind and open you heart you will connect to the best guidance possible through your Higher Self. Therefore, I believe creating a solid meditation practice is an essential first step.
  2. The mind-body in order to communicate clearly with the source field, needs to be cleansed and healed. A process of removing all toxins from your food, water, and other aspects of your personal environment is necessary to achieve mind-body-spirit harmony.
  3. The most difficult but also most rewarding, is overcoming the grip of the Ego on your state of Being. The release of the Ego allows the heart to take its rightful place as the leader in your life and resume dictating “what” to do from a place of love and unity consciousness and allowing the ego to figure out “how” best to do it. With Heart and Mind thus unified, you reclaim the Truth that is your birthright.

People come into every life time with a different set of experiences and level of consciousness. Depending on where you are, you may already have an innate understanding in some areas and only need to focus on certain things to push forward on the path. In addition, some ways of presenting concepts and material may suit you better than others. Fortunately, there are many resources to choose from – pick the ones that resonate with you the most. And, if you are already well along the path but are interested in new resources to explore – visit the Resources section on Think Smarter World for a much more exhaustive and broader list.

Resources for those on the Path to Enlightenment

Progressive Science

Our left-brain, rational minds benefit from understanding the truth about our physical reality and thus help to expand our awareness so the heart and mind can once again reunite to form the holistic human.

Mind-Body Harmony

Stilling the mind, purifying the body, and reconnecting to the Source Field is the key to spiritual, physical, and mental health.

Spiritual Truth and Unity Consciousness

The dogmas that separate people from their Creator Source and from each other must be overcome and the Ego must again take its proper place as the follower and not the leader. The journey from Fear to Unconditional Love and Acceptance is the path all must eventually walk.

Wishing you much success on the Path to Enlightenment and Ascension.

~Jay Kshatri


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