Unity Consciousness

Mystic Insights No. 9 – Releasing the Light in Others

January 18, 2017

We know that we are at our best, when we maintain a high energetic vibration that allows for the maximum amount of Divine Source Energy to flow through us. We can also help others raise their energy, even though they may not be aware of energy vibration concepts.

From a Mystic standpoint, as we are all part of and within one unified energy field, our goal is to remove any fear-based resistance within ourselves that would block the free flow of Divine Source Consciousness.

And, as consciousness connects everyone, then vibrating at a loving energy level and focusing our conscious awareness on others, gives them the energetic boost they need to raise their energetic level as well.

So, when with someone (or even remotely), visualize them in the most loving version of themselves possible. This allows them to reconnect to the Divine within their own Being.

This is polarity shifting in action. Helping others go from negative or neutral to positive by the power of your heart and mind vibrating at the frequency of love.

Projecting anger or dissatisfaction at someone doesn’t get them to do the right thing. Sending Love and Light to them drives out the darkness so the Light within them can be freed to rise on its own and they then naturally do the right thing. To be sure, depending upon the situation, you may do certain tactical things simultaneously that are checks and balances while the person gets to the right outcome on their own. But they should always be done with the highest love and intention for all involved – not out of spite or fear that the right outcome or actions will not occur.

Give Light and Space to everyone and allow the Divine Source to take care of the rest.

☮ Namaste

~Jay Kshatri


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