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What the Mind Needs to Tune Into Cosmic Intelligence

May 18, 2015

Tune into Cosmic Intelligence

In my previous articles – The (re)-Discovery of the Human Energy Field and Mindfulness, Pathway to Divine Consciousness – we speak about Prana or Qi regulating the human body and mind with Light Energy and Information.  It would then make sense for us to connect to this energy in the strongest way possible.  The company NESHealth who is redefining our understanding of the Human Energy Field and how to remove energetic blockages in the body to restore physical and mental health, describes Source Energy as follows:

Cultures from around the world and throughout history speak of pervasive natural energy, calling it Qi, Prana, and other names.  NES calls this pervasive, universal energy, the Source Energy, and we feel that it is not some unknown cosmic energy but a real energy of physics, what is called Zero-Point Energy (ZPE), the energy of the Zero Point Field (ZPF).  The ZPF in quantum field theory is is associated with the vacuum, which is erroneously thought of as empty space, but quantum physics tells us there can be no such thing as empty space.  It has shown…that space is awash in the energy of microscopic vibrations produced by the interaction of subatomic particles.  In fact, physicists estimate that there is more energy in ZPF than there is in all the matter in the universe. As Peter Fraser (NES founder) has shown, cavities (more or less hollow structures) are important structures for collecting and storing Source Energy or ZPE.  It is no surprise that all the major organs of the body are cavities themselves and that they are composed of smaller structures that are called microtubules, which are tiny cavities.  Cells are also cavities and contain within them many other tubular-shaped structures.  Cavities are efficient structures in which to store, amplify, and even tune energy.

NESHealth and many others scientific organizations are confirming that our bodies are energy processing organisms.  Furthermore, Energy carries Information. NESHealth believes that Source Energy is supplying critical information for the proper functioning of the Human Energy Field.  Spiritual traditions describe connecting to Source Energy as linking up to Universal Consciousness, Big Mind, and the Will of God.  To be aligned with the Source / Qi / Prana is to experience complete alignment with the natural order of the universe and divine consciousness.

As the brain is the processor / distributor of information in the body, then anything that distorts or causes noise in the brain will reduce our ability to connect to Qi / Prana / Source Energy in the cleanest way possible.  The key thing that clogs up the brain is of course our thoughts and emotions.  The best way to reduce that noise is through regular meditation.  Yogis and mystics throughout the ages have travelled via this route to connect to higher states of consciousness:

The flowering of love is meditation. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation. – Ramana Maharshi

If every day you practice walking and sitting meditation and generate the energy of mindfulness and concentration and peace, you are a cell in the body of the new Buddha. This is not a dream but is possible today and tomorrow. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Neuroscience lately is catching up to the Mystics – In a study by Harvard Neuroscientists lead by Sara Lazar, they identified that when we meditate, we decrease the beta waves in the brain.  Beta waves are associated with active mental activity and are an indication that we are thinking.  Conversely, when beta waves are reduced, then we can say that we reduced our thinking.  Professor Lazar’s team produced this before and after photo of a novice meditator to demonstrate the reduction in beta waves after a 30 minute meditation session.  As you can see, the brain activity is much calmer and “neuro-noise” is significantly reduced.

MRI images before and after 30 minutes of meditation:  Source: Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging

MRI images before and after 30 minutes of meditation: Source: Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging

But to go to the next level, wouldn’t it be even better to reduce the noise from thoughts and emotions throughout our day in order to maximize connection to Source Energy?  This would imply being in a semi-meditative state throughout the day.  This doesn’t mean not thinking, rather, it means being very much in control of our thinking and choosing when and what to put cognitive resources to work on.  When we operate in this arena, then we become very picky of what we let into our mental sphere – stray thoughts, disturbing external stimulus (that leads to unwanted and un-necessary thoughts), un-necessary interruptions, and of course, the dreaded multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking, which has become a “badge of honor” in our digitally driven world, may be one of the worst things we can do in terms of increasing the noise level in our brains and distorting our ability to connect cleanly to Source Energy.  Neurologist Adam Gazzaley has created a well done documentary on the impact of multitasking on the brain.  Below is a video of a lecture he gave at UC Irvine on the the Distracted Mind and you can read a summary of the key points of the Distracted Mind here:

Isn’t it ironic, single-tasking may be becoming the new ‘personal luxury item’ – but it may be much more than that.  It may in fact be a profound tool to reclaim our connection to personal mastery, elevated levels of consciousness, and the access to Source Energy that powers all creation.

What else causes “noise” in our brain and mental systems?

In our modern world, tops on this list would be the various type of “disturbing” media.  Much of what passes for “entertainment” these days contains absurdly high levels of violent and sexual content – many television programs, news broadcasts, movies, video games, and music are produced with the focus of creating disturbing images and themes that are meant to scare us and induce high states of arousal.  Even most “news” programs are overly focused on presenting the most violent and depressing aspects of our society.  The producers of these media products know that the reptilian portion of the human brain is hard wired for fight or flight and is on high alert for scary things that could be a problem.  Therefore, if they show us scary things, we are more inclined to watch, and when we watch, the advertisers pay up. The money wins, society loses.

Media use a tool dictators have used with great success for centuries.  They spread fear and pessimism because it sells.  Editorial choices are determined by business interests and by stock prices.  Newspapers have become like toothbrushes.  Stories have become commercials.  – Juriaan Kamp, Founder of The Intelligent Optimist magazine, in The Intelligent Optimist’s Guide to Life

But you may ask how bad could it be to watch a scary movie, tv program, 24/7 news, or play that violent video game for an hour?  Well, there are two things to consider.   One, does it raise violent, aggressive, or irratitive behavior in yourself or others.  The research on that front seems to indicate yes, but the actual severity of the affect varies from person to person.  So if you have violent or aggressive tendencies, or are even highly emotionally sensitive, consuming violent and disturbing media will heighten the effects.

The second thing to consider is that our thoughts create our reality.  So, if we are filling our heads with disturbing images and emotions from the various media we consume, we end up manifesting that stimuli into our material world.  In addition, given the strong mind-body connection, the impact on our physical health is significant.  Should we be surprised that there are major upticks in all major disease categories along with psychological issues such as depression?

Between 1990 – one year before the twenty-four hour news invention  – and 2010, the world population grew 40 percent – mostly in developing countries.  According to the World Health Organization, the number of people suffering from depression rose 300 percent – mostly in rich countries –  making it one of the biggest challenges to health and well-being.  I’m not a social scientist, but I see a remarkable correlation between the rise of depression and pessimism and the twenty-four-hour negative news invasion over the same twenty-year period…Most people don’t pay much attention to how they feed their minds.  And the impact of what we put in our eyes and ears is as deep  as what we put in our mouths. ’News is to the mind what sugar is to the body. News is easy to digest’ – wrote Rolf Dobelli in the Guardian. To be healthy, we need to avoid sugar.  It’s the same with the news.  Like bad eating habits, continuous exposure to bad news makes you sick.Juriaan Kamp

The sad truth is that most of what passes for news does us no good.  We are fed disturbing images and content to keep us glued in fear to the screen, but the really helpful stuff is not covered, or at least covered very superficially.  And, given the amount of time the average person consumes “news” content, the impact to the stability of our minds is high:

News is often about things you cannot influence.  What can you do about the next bomb blast in Afghanistan? Or even about the next tortured and twisted soul who opens fire on an innocent school crowd?  Nothing.  But these sad stories do make you feel powerless and helpless.  That’s how the news feeds pessimism and depression.  It’s a fair guess that you read some twenty-four new stories every day, or at least their headlines.  That comes to some 10,000 news stories per year.  Do you remember a story you read in the past year that helped you make better decision about your life?  Most news is not helpful to you.  It interrupts your thinking.  It stands in the way of creativity and the emergence of new ideas.  As Rolf Dobelli wrote in the Guardian, “If you want to come up with old solutions, read news.  If you are looking for new solutions, don’t.” – Juriaan Kamp

So, are there some tangible and real steps we can take to disconnect from this media firehose that is degrading our minds and affecting our ability to connect cleanly to Source Energy?  Most definitely, and within a our highly interconnected digital world, there are a myriad of options that can provide us a new and much healthier media diet.  I’ve expanded upon this in great length in the article – 21 Ideas to Free Yourself from Mass Media. And, one book to explore in particular would be Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake.  Blake has mastered the art of using the power of the mind to control his reality and is very careful with what he lets inside his mental sphere. The book is a wonderful life story and includes his method of mastering the Power of Thought.

So to Quickly Summarize:

  • Having a meditative like mind-state as much as possible throughout our day helps us to more strongly connect with and stay connected to Source Energy. This strengthens our Human Energy Field and provides for great advances in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  The more we can learn to embrace being in silence, in appreciating quiet, the better.  Silence quiets the mind, and allows us to connect to Universal Consciousness for deep insight and inspiration.
  • Anything that “disturbs” our mind un-unecessarily is counter-productive to connecting to Source.  This means taking back control of our minds, and proactively deciding what we will think and what content we will consume.
  • Multitasking and consuming “disturbing” media are two of the biggest issues we face when attempting to calm our minds, staying in the present moment, and harnessing the power of thought to create our desired reality.
  • We have many choices available to us to proactively access a more healthy media diet so that we can reclaim peace of mind, and connect with the Source Energy that is powering every aspect of our reality.

-Jay Kshatri

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